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Psychotherapy, Counselling & Clinical Supervision in North London


Stacey Millichamp has worked for many years as an experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor in North London accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Her private practice in Muswell Hill (N10) encompasses individual psychotherapy services, therapy with couples and clinical supervision of other counsellors and psychotherapists. Her approach is Integrative with a Transpersonal perspective. She works from her private practice in North London and also offers remote skype sessions to clients and supervisees who live throughout the UK and abroad.

Stacey has a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She also has specialist diplomas in Couple Therapy and Clinical Supervision, and trained for several years with Process Oriented Psychology in systemic work with groups and families.

In addition to her private practice working with individuals and couples psychotherapy in North London, Stacey teaches and supervises on the Masters Degree in Psychotherapy at The Psychosynthesis Trust which runs high quality professional training programmes in counselling and psychotherapy. She devised and delivers the Diploma in Integrative and Transpersonal Clinical Supervision at The Psychosynthesis Trust and is also a Trainer on the Supervision Training at the Re-vision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis.

She was co-founder and Director of Clinical Services for the charity Teens & Toddlers for many years, taking responsibility for the training and supervision of the group work facilitators and counsellors, providing intensive therapeutic interventions for parents, schools and young people. She is the Director of Entrust Associates which delivers counselling packages to secondary schools throughout London and is on the team at Transpersonal Press which publishes books on transpersonal psychology for the professional community.

Stacey is published in Critically Engaging CBT

'Leading figures associated with particular approaches examine the role of CBT and how it fits within their approach, exploring a synthesis of the two. Responses from three leading international CBT authorities enable readers to engage with both sides of the emerging global debate about CBT, and to consider what CBT therapists and other psychotherapists might learn from one another.'

Stacey's published book Transpersonal Dynamics


The Relational Field, Depth Work and the Unconscious


Stacey's published articles


When life crowds in on you, how do you respond?

'Whether you are currently being challenged by the positive thing happening for you, or the painful things, the way in which you handle your stress, fear and frustration is the key to protecting your health, wellbeing and relationships. When we feel overwhelmed,it is easy to spiral into aggression, anxiety, defensiveness and depression. The shame that follows close behind prevents people from seeking help - this cycle of overwhelm and the dangerous shame/blame game that accompanies it can be devastating.'

Stacey's Testimonials

"For the first time in my life I feel that someone is finally “reaching me”. This wouldn’t have been possible without Stacey’s deep understanding of human nature, intuition, and ability to deliver the most difficult and painful truths with compassion that is not tainted with blame, criticism or judgement…Her leather armchair is the only safe place I know." - TK


Her private practice is in Muswell Hill N10, in North London.  She additionally offers Skype sessions to clients and supervisees who are based further afield in the UK and abroad.  If you wish to work remotely, find out more about skype sessions here.

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