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Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision Testimonials

I recall my first meeting with Stacey. I arrived shattered and desperate and wanting to make sense of why my life seemed to be collapsing in front of me. Why did this happen to me and how was I ever going to recover? I remembered feeling safe because Stacey listened and now I look back on those troubled times and review the journey that the therapy took me on. I have learned so much about myself, the answers as to why and how this happened to me were discovered as Stacey, with gentleness but determination, helped me to understand the choices I had made in my life and now I had the opportunity to look at my future choices. Stacey kept me focused and helped me to discover a renewed life that was there for me to build and create, I had a future and it has turned out to be so different from the sad and emotionally abusive relationship that I had managed to escape from. Therapy with Stacey is not an easy option, the sessions with her are full of skilled professional support and care but they are also challenging and confidence building and when I was desperate she was always there. I got my life back and it would never have been possible without the journey that Stacey guided me through. I have learned so much working with her and I have discovered how to be happy again and the future looks so much more worthwhile and exciting that I ever imagined possible for me. SA

I have worked with Stacey for a number of years on a regular basis. I am completely certain of her warm and loving presence as a supervisor which means that all my clients and myself are safe and cared for. There has never been an occasion when I have doubted her authentic, truthful answer or her support of myself as an individual. TD

As my supervisor Stacey models how it can be to share a therapeutic relationship in depth. Her gifts of wisdom, pragmatism, humour, intuition and keen intelligence and insight inform and inspire so much of my own work as a therapist. LH

Stacey has been my supervisor for four years now, during and post completion of my postgraduate degree in psychotherapy. I rate many things about her supervision: her breadth of knowledge, her ability to focus immediately on the client's core issues, and her supervision style combines support and challenge, which ensures that I learn during every session. The most important thing about Stacey for me is the way in which she sets the client's personal experience within wider historical trends, political and cultural change and the seismic events that we face now. Sometimes psychotherapy supervision can feels like an insular hermetically sealed off world where the personal 'self' is all that matters. Stacey naturally integrates the external and internal world. This has substantially sustained my belief in psychotherapy as a potential force for beneficial social change. HW

Over my time spent working with Stacey, I have managed to find ways to deal with the most difficult situations in my life, many of which have troubled me for years, and which led me into psychotherapy in the first place. We meet each week at the same time in a cabin tucked away in her garden which gives the sessions a sense of privacy and place, but it is the focus and the quality of attention that Stacey brings to the sessions that really makes the therapy come to life. It is actually exciting to go there and get to work. She notices things that another untrained eye and ear, no matter how perceptive, might miss and I often leave our sessions with new ideas and perceptions myself and an ability to manage difficulties rather than avoid them, when they come. Stacey is a very strong but flexible person and I feel I have built my own sense of strength and flexibility through the work we have done together. I have made changes in my life both physically, becoming much more fit and healthy, and mentally with really the same kind of effect - healthy, flexible, resilient - and I'm getting far more pleasure out of life than I was before we started working together All of this has come about through talking, but it's not empty chit chat. It's sharing an aim and a commitment to really get to know what matters to you, to really get a sense of who you are and what you want, so you can really savour life, and to work with someone who not only gets this, but helps others to get it too, is priceless. CF

Stacey has been my supervisor for more than 10 years. During that time she has supported me to define and strengthen my individuality as a therapist, helping me to build my confidence and capacities. She treads a skilful line between supporting me on a personal level, and enhancing my professional scope, and between challenging me and offering compassion and insight. My relationship with Stacey is rich and rewarding and continues to offer inspiration and encouragement in my progress along a meaningful and fruitful path. KS

I started therapy with Stacey several years ago due to a significant bereavement. Words cannot express the journey we have been on together in that time. Stacey is cut from a different cloth to many therapists – her approach is both profoundly spiritual and practical. Our work continues to support me to grow on every level and meet life’s challenges with greater resilience. Thank you, Stacey for holding me in my darkest hours and for helping me to find the light again. SJ

As my psychotherapist, Stacey's deep compassion, profound wisdom, penetrating intelligence and heartfelt support enabled me to get through very dark and painful periods in my life. With her incredibly perceptive insights and the warmth of her understanding she not only kept me going during those dark times but she also guided me to eventually be able to find and access some of those same qualities within myself. She will remain one of the biggest blessings of my life and anyone who has the chance to work with her is incredibly fortunate. She has a rare mix of gifts and talents as a therapist and as a person and I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. L.M

Stacey is a truly talented, gifted and empathic therapist and healer. In the relatively short time that I have been seeing her, my life has begun to transform for the better and I feel a lot stronger in myself. I have seen several different therapists over the years, yet I continue to be impressed by Stacey's insight, intuition and deep understanding on many levels. She clearly knows her stuff and is able to be straight talking in a kind and loving way - I am very glad to have found her! TE

As a psychotherapist Stacey has the rare gift of combining streetwise realism with a deep reservoir of compassion for the frailty of our human condition. She works with intuitive wisdom and a loving presence. She has been a steady rock as my therapist during my training and beyond: we've worked at a depth I had come to believe was impossible. We both also understand the healing power of words carefully chosen, and that's a shared joy. LM

I have been seeing Stacey regularly as my psychotherapist. It's been an amazing journey and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is an expert in her field, a professional with incredible psychotherapist experience. She also has great inherent wisdom, warmth, deep insight, emotional generosity, a sharp wit and cheeky sense of humour which I've always appreciated. Her technique is all encompassing as it draws upon all aspects of your life experiences and beliefs. We look at how these shape my behaviours and thoughts, which has greatly helped me change and improve the way I function in the world and how I relate to others. I always leave our sessions with a great sense of calm and mental strength. I have truly found my authentic self, thanks to Stacey, and I will always stay in touch with my 'spiritual high priestess' as I call her. She is an incredibly talented and lovely woman. ES

Stacey is the sort of supervisor you can take anything to - from the bizarre to the sublime to the really personal. She has great depth of knowledge combined with an earthiness and pragmatism that comes from years of experience. TR

I have had the very good fortune of having been supervised by Stacey for the last three years. Stacey offers intelligent and insightful support in my client work and my professional development. Stacey's refreshing candour and wonderful turn-of-phrase make our sessions more than inspiring. MK

Being in supervision with Stacey has been one of the greatest investments I have made in my therapeutic practice, working life and as a human being. During this time I have benefited from a thoughtful, inspirational, challenging and nourishing environment, of involvement and evolvement, where the benefits of being met by a mature professional has supported my craft in group, organisational and individual dynamics. KS

For the first time in my life I feel that someone is finally “reaching me”. This wouldn’t have been possible without Stacey’s deep understanding of human nature, intuition, and ability to deliver the most difficult and painful truths with compassion that is not tainted with blame, criticism or judgement…Her leather armchair is the only safe place I know. TK

I have been seeing Stacey as a Supervisor for over 10 years. Working with her has been an amazing life-changing journey through exploring, learning, discovering in a continuous flow of enlightening insights. She has been an inspiring person in my life and has taught me a lot. She has guided me professionally through the work with my clients whilst also supporting me with my own personal circumstances, especially when I was dealing with great difficulties and she continues to do that effortlessly. She motivates me to work in depth and inspires me to be creative in my own practice. I always feel her appreciation towards what I bring to our sessions and she manages to bring the best out of me. I have been touched by the trust and respect she has shown me, and that has contributed immensely to my confidence and self esteem as an individual and a practitioner. She has the ability to be assertive and firm whilst being considerate, inclusive, empathic and supportive. She is honest, truthful and authentic. Her knowledge, experience, intelligence, support, insights, understanding as well as her humbleness and her humour are invaluable to me and so is the way she delivers all of that! She has the capacity to communicate and explain complicated and difficult concepts or subjects by making them really simple in a way that reaches you. I really look forward to our sessions and I always leave the “Cabin” feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered even after dealing with difficult issues. Lately as a trainer in my Supervision course she has awakened in me a more courageous and dedicated way of working both with clients and supervisees. She has sparked more curiosity which has already had a positive impact in my practice with my clients but has also made my work a lot more enjoyable, exciting and interesting. Stacey is a passionately dedicated therapist and supervisor. FP

I've been seeing Stacey for a few months now on a regular basis. Having never seen a psychotherapist before I didn't know what to expect and was a little sceptical to be honest, but I've found my sessions with her very helpful. From my work to relationships, Stacey's been invaluable in helping me assess what I want out of life and how I can achieve it. I'm looking forward to the future. SH

Stacey is an extremely experienced supervisor who has provided me with an intellectually rewarding and challenging relationship to explore my client work. My client work is enriched because of my work with Stacey. JD

Training Testimonials

Stacey is brilliant at delivering her knowledge with an energy that is exciting, uplifting and reaches a cellular level.

Excellent training weekend! Stacey is someone who demonstrates that she walks her talk. Brilliant and very alive weekend!

I experienced Stacey as a supportive but appropriately challenging trainer, really aware of the field in the group, and creating great contact with each of us.

Stacey as usual, has been amazing. Her knowledge and clarity is igniting and inspiring. I felt really supported and encouraged. She was able to deal with the emotional stuff in the group in such a professional, empathic and supportive way.

All the conceptual content in this training weekend were excellent. The flow of ideas/concepts into a meaningful, seamless approach was an extraordinary thing to see emerge.

This training has been excellently delivered. Masterful is a strong word, and that’s accurate here.

Stacey has an amazing ability to turn complicated material into simple, digestible concepts which sink in and become part of your thinking and feeling almost instantly.

Masterful learning and teaching techniques.

I am impressed with Stacey’s supervisory and teaching style, empowering us and encouraging us not to shy away from exploring points of conflict. It has been refreshing to meet her and to work with her transparent and clear thinking style.

Very good teaching weekend. Stacey knows her stuff!

Really high quality training.

Stacey is a wonderful practitioner and her ease of presentation makes it easier for me to be honest and real about my own feelings and process.

This has been a brilliant training weekend for me! Inspiring and powerful. The beginning of a new era for me.

Stacey has been steadfast in her determination to challenge and encourage us to keep taking risks and moving forward into difficult territory. She has wonderful skills at illuminating the truth in the material.

Working with Stacey was nothing short of inspirational! The complex material we were facing was made accessible and the outcomes we were seeking were made clear. The energy of the honest and open approach was refreshingly received. I felt reinvigorated with a surge of confidence looking at both my current practice and as I head into new challenges.

It was a real joy to be taught by someone with such deep knowledge and experience, with a very warm approach, in such a sage and honest way; inviting both the shadow and sublime.

The accelerated pace of learning, although at times challenging, has left me feeling exhilarated and keen to take the experience back into my workplace practice.

I love the way Stacey has role modelled what she presented, she really embodies it! It’s great to watch, and very inspiring!

The high point in the teaching for me was witnessing Stacey searching for the truth in a difficult group process, with compassion, and leaving the participants ‘intact’. It showed me that dismantling is fine as rebuilding is always possible – a personal learning curve for me.

This course is revolutionary. My own experience of supervision, particularly in groups, has been very prescriptive and this course has enabled me to become a supervisor with a collegial and inclusive approach, as an individual with my own style.

This training has been brilliant, as Stacey’s passion, experience, competence and hard work as our trainer, was awesome.

Excellent training! The way that real, live issues and challenges were turned into really effective teaching points was a masterclass!

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