Relationship, Couples and Marriage Counselling in North London

Most couples have periods of difficulty. Partnership is often one of the most stressful and challenging areas of life and yet many couples feel as if they should be able to cope alone. However, couple therapy and relationship counselling can provide a much-needed opportunity to take ‘time out' together with facilitation and support.

Some couples may come for marriage and relationship counselling because they have reached a crisis point, others because they simply want to have a space where there is room to talk about the things that daily life and busyness does not allow for.

Stacey has extensive experience of working with couples and families. Many couples these days face complex challenges, such as a general breakdown in communication, chronic arguing and conflict that may lead to a loss of control, shame and guilt, loss of emotional and physical intimacy, financial tensions, feelings of betrayal, an inability to make mutual decisions, cross-cultural issues, connections and tensions with family overseas, step-families, and re-located families.

It is inevitable that challenging issues often arise from the complex juggling that couples face, and therapy can be an invaluable space in which to gain perspective and constructive ways forward.

Stacey offers relationship and marriage counselling as well as individual therapy and Clinical Supervision both in North London practice and remotely via online platforms.

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