Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling in North London

Stacey is an experienced psychotherapist in North London and works closely with the needs of each individual to address questions and issues of immediate concern as well as those of a deeper and more profound nature.

  • External events can sometimes precipitate a crisis. At each stage of life, feelings of losing control can be brought on by such things as identity challenges, lack of clear life direction and an inability to make productive decisions, relationship and sexual problems, anger management issues and violent feelings, depression and despair, isolation and loneliness, bereavement and loss of love and support, body related anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, trauma of any kind, infertility and challenges with having a family, pregnancy and the stresses of parenting, family tensions, the challenges of children and young people, career changes, illness and accidents, divorce, retirement and ageing, and the death of those you love. There are many moments of change and therefore potential for feeling overwhelmed throughout our lives, during which additional help is needed.
  • Often however, there is nothing specific that seems to be causing someone pain and suffering. Chronic feelings of unhappiness, shame, guilt, self-consciousness, self-hate, despair and depression frequently persist without obvious reasons or causes.
  • Some people simply feel that they are drifting and would like a deeper sense of purpose & meaning in their lives.

There is no ‘right reason' to start therapy, nor a ‘right time'. Struggling with any aspect of your life is something that therapy can aid you with.

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